28th August 2015

This one day workshop has been specifically designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and support required to deal with the varied challenges faced as a Group Scout Leader.

27th August 2015

Scouting in Wales is growing...

Would you like to make a real difference? We are looking for individuals to grow our  Adventurous Activities and International programme.

25th August 2015

In line with The Scout Association, the ScoutsWales Board of Trustees has decided that, from January 2016, a ScoutsWales membership fee will not be charged for adult members and should be calculated based on young people only. This encourages the idea that volunteering is more attractive to future and current adults when they do not pay a membership fee.


Last chance for young people to contribute to health and social care bill this week. http://t.co/EO0S0TsrML E or http://t.co/axvvafjLpV C
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